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    A heartfelt welcome to my hobby personal web site. I am a former BBS SysOp who honors God, Country, Honor and the Family of Man (including you!) Before we get started you might want to bookmark your browser because you might want to come back again. grin
    My main pages are listed on the Transporter below. Please be patience with the loading time of some of my pages. Since I am constantly trying to lower loading time, I am always reviewing them to achieve a faster load time. Let me know if you find improvement on your next visit.

Reason To Be

    The ol' Kunnel gives you a place to begin exploring the World Wide Web with my help as your friend and guide. You might want to have a liquid refreshment of your choice before you begin your grand adventure grin.
     This is a web page devoted to the friendship of all the peoples of the world. Although it is originally a place in which to devote my hobby of computers, it is now an attempt at public service to you and the Internet community.
    Please enjoy yourself and, I hope, that you will consider me your friend.
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