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Seems Like Old Times
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The year was 1946, and World War II had finally come to an end. All over the country, people began to feel relief and nostalgia for the good old time they'd left behind. Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb were working on a lively song with a sarcastic attitude about getting the runaround: "You're still fooling around with somebody else -- seems like old times." Guy Lombardo told them they were getting the wrong feeling. "They were trying to rewrite 'Goody-Goody'," he later recalled. He shifted some of the lyrics, removed the sarcasm and slowed down the tempo. It was the only song that Guy had ever helped write (although he took no credit for his work), and it was an overnight smash. Arthur Godfrey heard the song a few days after the record was released and started playing it so often on his radio show that it became his theme. More than three decades later, "Seems Like Old Times" was revived by Woody Allen for his 1977 Oscar-winning film <b>Annie Hall</b>

Words and music by Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb.

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Seems like old times,
Having you to walk with.
Seems like old times,
Having you to talk with.

And it's still a thrill
Just to have my arms around you;
Still the thrill
That it was the day I found you.

Seems like old times,
Dinner dates and flowers.
Just like old times,
Staying up for hours,

Making dreams come true,
Doing things we used to do.
Seems like old times,
Being there with you.

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