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Pearls From The Storyteller
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Long ago in a far away galaxy... The Old Kunnel was privileged to operate a Bulletin Board System on a small network known as the "GT Power Network." One of his frequent visitors was Remmel Wilson [1923-2013] who first joined as a result of his mutual interest in aviation. From the very beginning, we've formed a special friendship based on that early association. Remmel has had a special and, to me, wonderful life that he has set down in autobiographic vignettes from time to time. It wasn't very long before Remmel Wilson also became known as "The Storyteller" the tales became increasingly interesting. My only regret is that although I have saved a few of these wonderful yarns most have been lost over the years to system failures, virus', and my fat finger syndrome disease. (grin) Since I have moved my BBS interests to an Internet web site, Remmel has continued to send a long his yarns via email and some of those will now be found on this page. The Old Kunnel hopes you enjoy them as much as he.

Read through the pearls one by one by scrolling down or, select a yarn by using the following pull down menu. But, by all means, enjoy the wit and wisdom to be gained by reading 'The Storyteller' autobiographical tales.
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Yarns by The Storyteller:

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