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[The Kunnel's Life]
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The Ol'Kunnel
Bob Clarke

Bob's Distemic Grin
I shall pass through this world but once.
If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do,
let me do it now;
let me not defer it or neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again.
Attributed to Etienne de Grellet [1773-1855]
Bob, Dad, and Bill - Circa 1942
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The Ol'Kunnel's Familiar Quotation...

Think about it!

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My Motto

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Bird Wings

The Early Years

I was happily employed by the Marine Corps at HQS, USMC, in Washington, DC, when I received a commission from the Kentucky Governor as a Kentucky Colonel. This occurred in October 1985. My Marine buddies immediately tagged me, the ol' Kunnel. This honorary colonelcy was the result of my work with the Corps and the WorldWide Military Command and Control Systems. Needless to say, that work was unique and its reward was the same. :-)

You can see more about my appreciation of all the military services by looking in on my
The Military Services page.

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The Colonel's BBS

In deference to my work with the Marines, I established a Bulletin Board System (BBS) to help them learn computer network conferencing in my off-time. The Colonel's BBS ran from mid 1986 until December, 1996. It originally ran on the GT Power Network but, the advent of InterNet and the World Wide Web soon showed me that the day of the hobby networks is at an end. So, here we are endeavoring to provide you the same service on the Web. 8-]

You may wish to visit a few of the web sites established by GT Power Network Systems Operators (SysOps) and other Web Authors. You are advised to just turn to GT Power SysOps. From there you will find links to Other Favorite Links and to my religious friends' web sites.

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Vital Statics

Real name: Robert Eugene Clarke
My friends call me "Bob" and/or "Old Kunnel."
Born: December 17, 1931 in Wood River Township (Alton), Illinois.

The Beautiful Visage Of The Piasabird.
The Piasa Bird (pronounced Pie-a-saw), is a local legend in the Alton area. Its foundings go back to 1673 when Father Jacques Marquette, in recording his famous journey down the Mississippi River with Louis Joliet, described the "Piasa" as a birdlike monster painted high on the bluffs along the Mississippi River, where the city of Alton, Illinois now stands.

According to the diary, the Piasa "was as large as a calf with horns like a deer, red eyes, a beard like a tiger's, a face like a man, the body covered with green, red and black scales and a tail so long it passed around the body, over the head and between the legs."

The creature was given its name by the Illini Indians, "The Piasa", meaning a bird that devours men.

There are many legends regarding its origin. One of the more popular accounts can be found by clicking on the Piasa's pretty face....

(Note: The figure at the left of your screen sometimes resembles the Old Kunnel when he gets up in the morning. (GRIN))
Now Resides in Penn Township (Hanover), Pennsylvania.
Occupation: Retired Federal Employee.
Eyes of Hazel; Hair is thinning dark blond; Complexion is ruddy.
Hobbies: Computing (naturally), watching the boob tube (I like educational channels like A&E, Discovery, and The Learning Channel), Aviation, and reading* has always been an addiction of mine. "Friendship" is not a hobby, but an avocation. (grin)
Another interest I have (since I have been associated with computers and science-fiction) is Artificial Intelligence... Hence,
Twenty Questions - The neural-net on the Internet
[Note: You may play anonymously...Check screen after clicking to play.]
A great impressive bit of work in the OK's opinion. Play it so that it can constantly learn as you will!
11:24 9/14/2003
*"Life is full of wonderful passions that come and go over the years, but the only one that will never let you down is reading."
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I have one brother.

Bill Clarke ca 2003.

Seventy-eight years ago, I remember it well. Our mother lay on the same birthing bed where I had been born. That night, the 7th of April, I refused to go bed because I knew something was happening. I lay on an overstuffed chair, head on one arm and legs hanging over the other. After several pleas from Grandmother Pryor for me to go to bed, she finally bribed me with a favorite treat...a slice of buttered bread with sugar on it. The next morning I looked in and saw you in our mother's arms bald and sleeping peacefully.

08:57 4/8/2014
Bill Clarke view 2.
My brother Bill is on the left side of your screen here. After a career in the U.S. Air Force he retired as a Major and, after a period of work in Washington, D.C., he and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, in Las Vegas, Bill is a realator and is busily engaged in real estate sales there.

The following is a note received from Bill. It will give you an understanding of him and his wife.

     Eunice and I had a great time last evening at the Sun Coast Hotel Casino. I had called in to the KNUU radio station with a correct answer and received two tickets to see "The Lettermen" at the Sun Coast. It was a great show that brought back many memories.

During the show the only remaining member of the original Lettermen came down into the audience to pick out a man to sing a love song. For some reason I got the "tap on the shoulder." As he whispered the words in my ear I sang to Eunice "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." [The Ol'Kunnel has a page with this great music on it. Check it out!.] Near the end of the song I was directed on stage for a grand finish. I felt much more comfortable than I would have thought, and was surprised when the Lettermen kept saying "Bill is not a ringer."

I've sent email to our church choir director, indicating that since I'll be coming "direct from a performance at the Sun Coast with The Lettermen", I'll expect an increase in pay.


Brother Bill and spouse, Eunice

Just last December Bill and Eunice (Mrs. William W. Clarke) attended a Christmas Party among the other real estate people there. Bill and Eunice have been married now these past 46 some years. Eunice is busily in engaged in selling her book. She has written a four hundred page tome on the caring of those with Alzheimer's. Sadly, her mother suffered this illiness. Eunice has written on caring for her mother until she died.

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Cooper and Santa Claus
The Ol'Kunnel and His Best Friend: Cooper

Cooper became the Ol'Kunnel's best buddy in April, 1994, at the age of about four. This photo was taken on December 25, 1995. He's handsome, he's smart, and he still likes to sit on the Ol'Kunnel's lap. "I wouldn't take a million dollars for Cooper but, I would'nt pay ten cents for another just like him." Says the Ol'Kunnel.

Well, I spent a wee bit more than a dime for Nikki but, he also is proving to be a best friend. Just press the button below for my comments on him...

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Visit Nikki's Page
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Cooper on the watch for raiding Indians. (grin)

We like to consider December 17th as Cooper's birthday. The veterinarian has him as being born in 1990** so we celebrate his birthday along with the Old Kunnel's. Here we have one of Cooper's favorite activities. The Ol'Kunnel's says, "Look out and see if any Indians are coming, Cooper." (grin) At Christmas, we like to think he is checking to see if Santa Claus is landing on the front lawn. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

** It was subsequently determined that Cooper was closer to 18 than 16. Therefore, his birth year was probably in 1988. That is he would be about 96 years old in human terms.

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Pet Haven - Mt. Olivet Cemetary, Hanover, PA.

Sadly, on October 23, 2006, Cooper passed away. He had been suffering since about 2004 from am arthritic hip. Thus, a few days before his death he was unable to stand and move from the lack of strength in his limbs. So it goes.

15:28 8/30/2009

Short Synopsis Of My Life

Bobby Gene, May 15, 1941
The photo on the left is of the Ol'Kunnel taken by his Dad on May 15, 1941. At that time he lived on a farm near Edwardsville, Illinois and attended the one-room school pictured on the "School Daze" page. ~Click Here~.
I went on to finish grade school and high school in St. Louis, Missouri. I joined the U.S. Air Force in December of 1950 after graduating from high school in June. The Air Force sent me to France, August 1951. From there I was posted to Selfridge AFB, Michigan circa September 1954. Then I shipped out to Rome, Italy in August 1956. Subsequently, I was posted to Naples, Italy in September, 1958. View From My Balcony Over Bay Of Naples. From Italy I returned Stateside to Hollywood, California in July 1960. Then, to Alexandria, Virginia in December, 1961 where I met my Lady, Lorraine.
Lorraine [1928-2013]
My Sweet Lorraine We were married on November 2nd, 1962. I was discharged from the Air Force in 1964. I attended the Business School at The American University in Washington DC; graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1970. I have worked as supermarket manager, Food Nutrition Specialist, and Program Analyst; retiring as such March 1989.

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Getting Around To It

This is a

Cut out and use it wisely
Everybody needs this.
It is indispensable.
It is not a triangular tuit.
It is not a rectangular tuit.
It is not an oblong tuit.
It is a round tuit.

Round Tuit

For years people have been saying:
"I'll do it as soon as I get a round tuit."
Now you have no more trouble
getting all those extras done.
"You have finally got "a round tuit."
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