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This page is dedicated to my friends who are or were friends of mine when I was a GT Power Network (GTPN) Systems Operator. Additionally, I am now dedicating this page to you for joining me in the furtherance of my hobby. Although the GTPN has decreased in size and activity, there are a few that have set up a web page as well as continuing to run a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) on the GTPN. Well, I can't forget all of the friendships I had on that Network so, I have linked you to their webs in hopes that you will enjoy their talents and friendship as I have. Furthermore, a few of my callers are now webmastering; so, you'll find that I have placed some of their names below.

The Search Is On!

I have a few missing friends... Either they have moved on, passed on, and/or changed web references. If you know the latest about the following, the Old Kunnel would be more than grateful to you, my friend. I am looking for...

  • April Strong [April Storm BBS]
  • Retha Rutherford

11:57 6/28/2004
Red Slash Hardrule
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Fellow Web/BBS Operators:

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Either way, enjoy!
Red Slash Hardrule
My favorite HOT links to great web sites are also listed on Other Links of the Ol'Kunnel for your convenience. Check it out and come back here to continue....

I have added another extension to the hot links on this page. They are Christian Links of the Ol'Kunnel. I hope that you will receive the inspiration I received when you visit. And may God bless you richly.

Hope in the Lord
...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 NIV

Please register where indicated on these pages; and, you will be notified when I change and/or make additions to my collection.
Red Slash Hardrule
From time to time, my friends ask me if I know where to find a graphic, MIDI music, or other files. Generally, I ask use my favorite web site search engine, Google, and, more times than not, find the requested item. However, most of these requests come via e-mail. The ol'Kunnel would search Google first but, I can understand some folks reluctance to seek before asking. (grin) If I can find it for you, then I'll arrange to get it to you E-mail haste....
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