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Our Supreme court judges are nothing short of TYRANTS. A law was passed banning filthy pornography on the Internet but they struck this law down claiming it violated the freedom of speech. So it's lawful to poison the minds of children with filth but their freedom of speech to recite prayer is denied by these same judges.

It seems to me that these judges are egotistical by their power to negate any law made by the president and congress and is a excessive abuse of power. The Democrats supports such liberals and blocks any attempt of the president appointing conservative judges. We are on the road to destruction by judicial power.


The following is feedback concerning the above opinion... The Ol'Kunnel concurs...

What of our right to decency?
What of our right to freedom from forcible assault on our values and beliefs?
It is one thing to publish this filth in a magazine that I would have to intentionally procure and open. But these people are sending this filth in a manner that can not be avoided, displayed on my computer in my home without my permission.
They say we should use 'filters' to block them out but the senders of this trash are constantly devising ways to thwart the filters. Besides that, filters often block valid email.
It is a distortion of the democratic system of government to permit a single person to thwart the wishes of the representatives of the people.

12:58 7/1/2004

Major Presidential Speech Reveals Clear Choice

Recently, in a major speech, President Bush outlined our country's priorities and his vision for meeting them.

The President talked about why we should press forward with a successful agenda, and not turn back to the tired, failed policies of the past.

In short, he talked about the clear choice that Americans will face in this November's election:

Go here for full text of the President's speech.

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11:20 5/17/2002

An inappropriate attempt to use email, USENET, or another networked communications facility as if it was a broadcast medium (which it isn't) by sending the same message to numerous people who didnít ask for it. Many email services have "spam filters" to help reduce the amount of spam emails.

Any email the Old Kunnel sends to his friends and/or family list is sent individually as an 'Invitation' to read or not read as the recipient decides. The Old Kunnel simply wants you to know what he has been up to. (grin)
12:45 11/28/2003


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