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TriCare On-line
TriCare On-line

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Fisher House Web Site Logo We work to support the quality-of-life of our nation's military, veterans, and their families. We build comfort homes at military and VA medical centers known as "Fisher Houses" and give them as a gift to the government, so that families can afford to rally around their loved one who is receiving care at the nearby medical center. We continue to support the existing network of 30 Fisher Houses and help individual families in need staying at a Fisher House. We co-sponsor the Scholarships for Military Children with the Defense Commissary Agency and co-sponsor the Newman's Own Award for Military Community Excellence to recognize private organizations working to improve the quality-of-life at their local military installation in a partnership with Newman's Own and the Military Times Media Group.

--The Old Kunnel supports the cause and mission of Fisher Houses. Be sure to visit their site today for more information.

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George Washington by Stuart

The Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War against the rule of England is well documented at this site commemorating it. All the information you seek will be found here. "It was freezing cold at Valley Forge but, up old George...."

George Washington, "The Father of His Country," first President of the United States of America, first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen, was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732.

Washington was the indispensable President by:
(1) holding the Continental army together for eight years until the British decided that continuing the war was not worth the price;
(2) presiding over the Constitutional Convention that created the world's oldest written constitution;
(3) serving as our first President and, thus, establishing by example both the limits and prerogatives of the chief executive office of the American democratic republic;
(4) voluntarily giving up power both as a military commander and a political leader, thereby denouncing in advance, any potential Caesar or Napoleon in American politics; and,
(5) most importantly, providing by character and example, a model of republican citizenship.

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The Civil War In Arkansas

The Civil War in Arkansas web site includes a searchable database so you can find out what happened in various counties during the war in Arkansas. Civil War stories about ancestors of current Arkansas, information about several groups in Arkansas dedicated to recording, reenacting and studying our Civil War heritage, and an interactive message board in which you can share all you know (or would like to know) about the Civil War in Arkansas.
Civil War Notice
Alabama State Capitol
I was looking for ... new site and found yours. I believe there are over 4000 associated with "live and die in Dixie." My purpose in setting up the site is to find out any information about my great grandfather Couch who fought in the Civil War. He was from Vinemont, Alabama.


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World War I (The Great War)
Pvt Engholm, Luxembourg, 1919
My Great Grandfather Engholm fought the Germans in the Argonne Forrest in World War I. My Mother said his legs were injured very badly during the war, and he almost lost them. She told me you could smell the horse liniment that he used on his legs all over the small Missouri town that he lived in.
--Ken Loftin

My granddad is the one sitting in the chair. This picture was taken the month before he got out of the Army.
--Pat Loftin

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Cousins: Sgt Loftin and Msgt Loftin
I have just returned from my Annual Training in the Texas Army National Guard. As you know, I am Battalion Motor Sergeant. Well, lo and behold, I was standing there in the old S&A building when in walks this young man with fire in his eyes. He says, "Is Master Sergeant Loftin here?" I said, "Yeah, right here." Looked at his name tag, LOFTIN. Oh, my goodness! Looking all young and stout like I think I still looked at 43. So we shook hands, and he said, "Are you related to Leonard?" I said, "Heck, isn't everybody?, because all the Loftin know Leonard was the first Loftin in America. He came over in 1609. As he had to go, as anybody in desert BDUs does these days, I told him we would meet again before he left. Today we talked again and took some pictures.

Sgt Loftin with fire in his eye His name is Sergeant Timothy C. Loftin. We figured out that we are 3rd cousins, 4 times removed. OK... call us Cousins, for short. He was born on May 29, 1970 and entered the Army in 1992. Tim is by nature an infantry soldier, and I'm guessing likes it that way by the look in his eye. He went to Ranger School in 1992. He is now attached to the 238th Maintenance Company out of San Antonio, Texas. I know where he's going, but I am not going to tell you. He will understand why when he gets the briefing. I will say, he is supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, and wearing an American flag on his shoulder. If you don't know what that means, ask me. His wife is Amy Kathleen and his daughter is Lauren Kathleen. I told him I would do what I could to wave the flag for another of a long line of Loftin warriors going back to Benoni Loftin* who was a foot soldier 25 years before the Declaration of Independence. * More on Benoni Loftin Click Here!
12:43 7/1/2002
This is a "Special Presentation Page" presented by the PalletMaster's Workshop in conjunction with Press-A-Print to support all our American services, the men and women who serve on the wall to keep America free. It is best viewed "Full Screen" and be sure and scroll down following the flash movie to read the remainder of the page.

WARNING: My pages are mastered for Internet Express, some of my pages can not be viewed with Netscape.

"We Support"

Lex et Libertas -- Semper Fidelis!
The PalletMaster's Workshop
12:44 7/9/2003
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Military Links

The Department of Defense Link

The Department of Defense is posting an update to the department's policy on it's Web site. In it, the offices of the assistant secretaries of Defense for public affairs and for command, control, communications and intelligence will try to bring the InterNet more in line with Pentagon regulations on privacy and security.
--William Arkin, The U.S. Military Online.
You will note when you link to "defenselink" that there are buttons to push will take you on to the military service of your choice and/or more. ;-)

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New Logo Based on Hap Arnold

Uncle Sam's Arrogant Flyers

The Air Force Link is here just in case you want to visit the official site of U.S. Air Force. ;-) If you want to see planes and flying stuff you'd be better off jumping to I'd Rather Be Flying!

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U.S. Coast Guard Home Page

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Jane's Defence Site
Click to GO!
Jane's is the ultimate source for defense, aerospace, and transportation information. Based on the Jane's series of defense magazines and the work of Fred T. Jane (1865-1916; writer of a series of defense manuals, and a respected sci-fi author and artist), the site keeps you up to date on what the world is doing to protect its nations and its people. You'll find news and information of the world's military actions, politics, security, and military.

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Hello My Friends,

Let me introduce you to Lt. Colonel Canfield D. Boone, 54, Clifton, VA.

and Lt. Colonel Jerry Don Dickerson, 41, Durant, MS.

They were both married with children and I am proud to say I knew them both and they were my friends. We served together during better times many years ago in what was a much different world. They both died on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon.

They will not be forgotten as long as I live.

My best >>> Todd/Xyzzz
12:01 9/13/2003

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