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This is the former employer of the ol'Kunnel! After 10 years employment here, he retired with his memories and trophies to continue his enjoyable days running a web site honoring the Corps. To read up on what the ol'Kunnel did while with the Corps see his personal page after you've toured the Corps.

'People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.'
--George Orwell
Pacific Naval Battles in World War II

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14:44 6/16/2004

I have always considered myself a man of honor, whose word you could depend on, but I have a terrible confession to make to you since you are about the only Marine I have contact with. ------- I lied to the Marine Corps !

World War Twice was beginning to wind down, at least to the senior officers and politicians. I was in a boot camp company comprised entirely of washed out Naval Aviation Cadets. They were from all stages in training, mostly B and A stage flight training, but some had finished flight training, and had purchased flying Officer uniforms, and were awaiting graduation and commissioning.

I had flown an up check from the legendary "Downcheck" Moffett, a flight instructor noted for giving "Downs" (Unsatisfactory flight checks) I was washed out any way and maybe some day I will forgive the Navy. My Scotch Irish, Cherokee heritage makes forgiveness difficult for me. (Grin)

Sent to boot camp we were placed in classes that we had already had at a much sterner level as cadets. An understanding Navy Chief Petty officer made a deal with us. Have enough of us attend classes so the instructor wouldn't be talking to himself, keep out of sight and go to the Ships Store in singles, never in groups. And WIN THE MARCHING PENNANT CALLED THE "RED ROOSTER" for him.
We won his pennant for him and every one was satisfied.

Them came the day we were sent to the rifle range to learn how to shoot our fellow man. I drew a Marine Instructor who was a spitting image of the drill Sgt. on TV, a tall leather faced Marlboro Man with a foghorn voice that seemed to be stuck in maximum volume, with several prominent gold teeth, and of course a Wide Brimmed Campaign Hat. (Grin)

He went over the fine points of a Springfield Rifle, and then handed me ten rounds of ammunition for practice firing. I got ten bulls eyes. (How could I miss the rifle had been sighted in by an expert, and the target was big as a barn door). When I finished firing he said "Where are you from BOY". I answered "Arkansas". Sarge responded. "Another Dam Coon Hunter".

Now I have never harmed a coon in my life, I don't consider them good eating. However. bob white quail are at risk around me.

Then having had ten practice rounds, we shot for score, prone, kneeling, standing. Then the guys working the targets used the paddles to indicate what score we had shot. Now I considered the marksman and sharpshooter medals used by the Navy as tinny, and looked like they came out of a Cracker Jack box. And totally out of character for a blue navy uniform. When Sarge came around I reported as best I remember a sixty eight, which was one point below the first tinny medal. Sarge looked at me briefly, and I believe he read in my face that I had lied, because I didn't want that tinny medal.

The Storyteller

08:40 11/10/2002

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Marine-Navy Fighter

Cherry Point Marine Base, Havelock, N.C.

The one time that the ol'Kunnel visited this base was
during his stint working with the Marine Corps Readiness Office.
During this staff visit, he inspected the UNITREP WWMCCS office
and found the Marines rough and ready!

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It was a very nice experience to browse through your site... I felt very proud as I was going through your content which has honored the marines who serve our nation and risk their lives to give us a peaceful life. Hats off to their families too who show that courage to send their dear family members for serving their nation. It's a time for celebration for us, The Americans and show the world that we are proud of our nation, culture and history for what it was and for what it is today. The visitors can send a warm wish to their dear ones through our July 4th e-cards from July 4th E-Card Greetings. Hence I feel swapping links will help the visitors to access both our contents and thus we can celebrate this great occasion together.

07:22 6/16/2006
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Subject: Marine Corps and Patriotic Graphics by Doug Kidd
cool stuff!
Great Graphics by Marine Doug Kidd
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