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During the ol' Kunnel's hay day as a GT Network System Operator (SysOp), his Bulletin Board featured ANSI music doors. These doors were accessible through a magnificent ANSI jukebox. Just like on the real thing, you selected the kind of music you wanted to hear. Some of the music was accompanied with ANSI graphics; some even animated. Well, we are attempting the same things here with *.GIF and *.JPG files...and MIDI* music. We will add and update almost continuously. Don't forget to bookmark this page and come back often to visit. It might be a good habit for you to reload the page for the latest additions if you do visit often. So, enjoy what I have now and come back for more, y'all hear?
When the ol'Kunnel was the SysOp of The Colonel's BBS on the GT Power Network, he had the distinct pleasure of attending the ANSI Music Conference as one of the GT Power Network forums. The music ring above now serves the same purpose. Enjoy MIDI* music today!
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The MIDI* arrangements found in the Ol'Kunnel's collection are those of his personal choice. The original music of each can be found on records, tapes, CDs, and sheet music that he has purchased in his long life. The MIDI* arrangements are done by talented MIDI* sequencers on the World Wide Web and the Ol'Kunnel makes every effort to recognize and get the permissions those MIDI* arrangers. [From time to time, the Ol'Kunnel sequences a tune or two himself.]

He invites you as his guest to enjoy these selections but never forget that any downloads by you are for your personal use and are not to be passed on or sold for financial gain. If you would like to purchase your personal copies of the original compositions, you are invited to step into the Ol'Kunnel's Emporium. You'll find what you are looking for in the appropriate department.

The Ol'Kunnel invites your continued MIDI* enjoyment!
* Actually, due to MNS Windows Platform requirements, a great majority of my MIDI original music has been converted to .MP3 format. Enjoy!
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Frank 'GRANDPA' Schober
Frank "Grandpa" Schober
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