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This aviation message area page is a forum for bug smasher, blow pipe, and armchair pilots to swap hangar tales. Discussion subjects are comprised of any form of aerial transport dreamed of since mankind first envied the birds. This forum is a refuge for all of us that have BBSing and Web crawling as a "second" hobby as well as for those wishing to have aviation as a hobby, too. We'll chat about anything concerning aviation. However, the sponsor reserves the right to limit discussions bordering too heavily upon politics or religious subjects.

--From my original BBS description.
Italics inserted are the ol'Kunnel's addition to this website description.

Red Slash Hardrule
When the ol'Kunnel was the SysOp of The Colonel's BBS on the GT Power Network, he had the distinct pleasure of sponsoring the "I'd Rather Be Flying!" aviation conference area. It was with real regret that he had to leave behind a most popular area. However, my forum now enjoys a new birth!

The Ol'Kunnel now has a forum setup to allow us almost the same opportunity for the camaraderie we had on the old network. I trust it will offer you the same fun and companionship that IRBFlying once had on the GT Power Network. If you agree with me, you'll prove it by leaving a few words on the "I'd Rather Be Flying!" forum by clicking on the forum button.

Keep'em flying!

12:14 7/23/2004
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