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Lockheed Hudson A16-112
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     “...the American Lockheed Hudson, effectively a military version of the Lockheed 14 Electra which had been developed in 1938 in response to a British specification. The Royal Air Force were at that time searching for a naval reconnaissance plane to be used by Coastal Command and after much hesitation they had turned to the American aircraft industry.”
     -- The Rand McNally Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft, 1980

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  1. A-28 on shore patrol
  2. Probable A-28 on recon duty
  3. Hudson in level flight
  4. A-28 coming up behind us
  5. A Hudson over the fields of home
  6. Hudsons in formation
  7. Hudson at sea
  8. Emilia Earhart and her Lockheed 14 Electra

Nation: USA;
Manufacturer: Lockheed Aircraft Corp;
Type: reconnaissance;
Year: 1939;
Engine: two Wright R-1820-G 102A Cyclone 9-cylinder radial air-cooled, 1,100 hp each;
Wingspan: 65 ft 6 in;
Length: 44 ft 4 in;
Height: 11 ft 11 in;
Weight; 17,500 lb [loaded];
Maximum speed: 246 mph at 6500 ft;
Ceiling: 25,000 ft;
Range: 1,500 miles;
Armament: 5 machine guns;
750 lbs of bombs;
Crew: 5

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