Grumman J4F-1 Widgeon

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Grumman J4F-1 Widgeon
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Sorry, folks. The Widgeon is so scarce to find these
days that there are no suitable graphics available.

I found two rather blurry photographs of the same craft but the photographer wanted $300 or more for them. Isn't that sad?
10:39 6/18/2004
The Coast Guard obtained 25 Grumman G-44 light amphibian aircraft during l94l-2 as J4F-ls, later adding light bomb racks under the wings for service with USCG patrol squadrons. One hundred thirty-one J4F-2's subsequently procured by the Navy, carried a crew of two and three passengers.

While on routine patrol in the Gulf of Mexico, a Coast Guard crew flying a J4F attacked and sank the German submarine U-l66 l00 miles south of Houma, Louisiana, with bombs from its wing racks. Piloted by Ensign Henry While, USCG, the aircraft involved (BuNo V2l2) is on display. It was received in a flyable condition from Steve Hamilton of Reno, Nevada, with post-war conversion from the original in-line, 200 hp Ranger engines with wooden propellers.

Manufacturer: Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.
Type: Amphibian - search and rescue; ASW
Crew: Two plus four passenegers
Powerplant: Two 200 hp Ranger L-440s
Dimensions: Span 40'; length 3l'
Weight: 4,500 lbs gross
Speed: l65 mph
Armament: Bombs

  • From Grumman Widgeon subtitled "The Original Wet Dream"
    by Budd Davisson, Air Progress, July, 1990.
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