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Eight Regenerations of The Doctor
Over the course of the past 34 years, the Doctor has assumed eight incarnations. Though first devised as a way to continue the series when the first Doctor, William Hartnell, wished to retire from his role, the capability of regeneration has become one of the central themes within the whole of the series. With each new rebirth the Doctor took on a brand new personality while still retaining much of what has already been build into his character. As a result, the regeneration process has allowed the Doctor to grow in ways impossible in just a single lifetime. Each regeneration has its own ranks of both devoted fans and the not-so-devoted fans alike yet, each regeneration was still in every respect the Doctor.
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Biographies of the regenerations of the good Doctor.
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The Famous Eight:
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When the ol'Kunnel was the SysOp of The Colonel's BBS on the GT Power Network, he had the distinct pleasure of sponsoring the Doctor Who area. This was an area that also bridged in the Whovians from the FIDONet. It was a most popular area and also included many of the other Sci-Fi fans who appreciated not only the good Doctor, but other British Broadcasting (BBC) television science fiction programs as well.

Do you remember "Red Dwarf"? Funny and weird. You can see the smegheads a half-hour prior to the good Doctor on the same channel(s).
However, I always favored Doctor Who and have seen all the generations and adventures on the telly. And, of course, I've not missed a Doctor Who movie yet. :-)
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