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The Holy Bible

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"Search the Scriptures," Jesus said. They have the answers to life. On this page we share Bible answers to life's questions. If you wonder what God has to say about your life or how to be saved, feel free to use the Bible reference tools below!

"Bible Word Search" Tool

Searches the KJV of the Bible and returns a listing of all occurences of the English word.

Also searches the following Bible study helps: Nave's Topical Bible, Torrey's New Topical Textbook, Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words, Easton's Bible Dictionary, the Thematic Subject Guide, and Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary.

Enter a
search word
e.g., Jesus

"Strong's Number Search" Tool

1. Searches the the Bible and returns a listing of all occurences Strong's Number, displaying a KJV Bible, annotated with Strong's Numbers next to each English word.

2. Displays a Lexicon definition for each Strong's number.

3. User must select either a Greek Strong's Number or a Hebrew Strong's Number.

Enter a
Strong's Number
e.g. 2424 Greek

"Retrieve Bible Verses" Tool

Retrieves a range of verses from the KJV Bible.

Ability to easily return an entire chapter, a range of verses, or a single verse. Currently limited to verses within a single chapter.

Chap: Show all Verses
Show Strongs #
Or Start Verse: End Verse:
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