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Auf Wiedersehn
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In 1914, Louis Hirsch, house composer for the Schubert Brothers, resigned his post. The Schuberts then hired Sigmund Romberg to be his replacement. In 1914 he scored his first Broadway musical, "The Whirl of the World." It was staged at the Wintergarden Theater, and starred the Dolly Sisters, and Willie and Eugene Howard. The success of the show insured Romberg's future on the Broadway stage. That was 1914. By 1917, Romberg had already written more than 300 songs for over 17 musicals. Among these shows were several Al Jolson musicals at the Wintergarden; several editions of "The Passing Show," and, in 1915, "The Blue Paradise" operetta. For the Blue Paradise, he wrote his first big hit, "Auf Wiedersehen", with lyric by Herbert Reynolds.
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Love lives ever,
knowing no word like good bye.
Hearts may sever,
true love can never die!

Calm all your fears
and dry all your tears,
love will remain
when all else shall wane.

Guiding me on thro' the years:
Auf Weidersehn, Auf Weidersehn!

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Red Slash Hardrule
Auf Wiedersehn

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